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CESI actively and consistently works to establish and maintain a comprehensive resource center consisting of an online library and electronic data base in addition to an in-house library with an archive focused on interdisciplinary studies of forced displacement in BiH and globally. Our resource center is currently in its developing phase and contains a growing body of forced-migration literature consisting of books, articles, dissertations, academic journals, periodicals, legal policy documents, multimedia publications, and various other types of data related to the subject.

Materials in the Resource Center are of a multidisciplinary character and we invite all interested scholars, practitioners and government officials working in the field to use our resources and visit us. An online register listing the in-house literature the center offers will soon be available on this website.

CESI online data base is currently in its test phase, you can find one part of this electronic data on the right side of our website or here below:

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Forced Migration Research Methods

Under the link Forced Migration Research Methods you will be able to access our e-learning platform, constructed for the purpose of the summer school,  held in July 2013, with particular focus on  the methodological tools and techniques relevant to research in the field of forced  migration studies. Resources found on this e-learning platform address variety of methodological and ethical considerations specific to this field and offer opportunity to study  discipline-specific  research directly addressing displacement issues in the region as well as the current forced migration issues world wide.