Symposium on Migration Trends between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Austria

Organisation of the Partnering Institutions: Centre for Refugee and IDP Studies (CESI) Faculty of Political Science, University of Sarajevo and Department for Migration and Globalization, Danube University Krems, Austria.

Date: Friday, 26 September  // Venue: CESI, Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Sarajevo // Language: English

This symposium has a twofold dimension which we find relevant to migration research and studies. It addresses both migration impact factors (social, political, economic, cultural and other) and migrant/migration experiences in both countries (Bosnia being the sending country and Austria being the receiving country).

Moreover, we are also interested in the research on the transnational practices of migrants i.e., experiences of movement/mobility and immobility of migrants between the two countries, and the migrants‘ life patterns (settlement, integration, return) as well as social/cultural/religious identities negotiated in-between the two countries.

We invite the participation of BiH scholars with broader research focus on migration topics in BiH, and in particular those researching the migration issues that bind together Austria and BiH by addressing the following lead questions:


Periodic overviews of migration flows between the two countries, with an emphasis on the last century, including the discussion of the prevailing myths about the migration and its social impacts.


Characteristics of migration and experiences of migration – migration and mobility patterns (circular, return migration), various settlement and integration patterns, diaspora and transnational practices, including the identity issues, relationships between migrants and other populations.


How different migration trends impact the two countries economies, education, science, culture and social life, including development and socio-political transformation.

Symposium on Migration Trends between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Austria (CALL) [PDF]

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