I. Timeframe for the study:

A) Initial Study in mid November 2014 - January 2015 and
B) Complemntary consolidation /folow up and conclusions, with recommendation and policy breifs being produced in the aftermath of focus group data collection and analysis with the delivery of the national reports (May-September 2016)

II. Aim of the study:

National litterature review and policy analysis focusing mental health sector and social protection/social work sector with focus on psychosocial service delivery for the targeted popualtion( refugees, displaced and returnees)

III. Scope and contents:

  1. Literature review will include overview of reasearch in the area of mental health in BiH,Serbia and Kosovo, separately at national levels, looking at psychosocial service provisions based in the research data/undertaken research projects during the last 20 years (transition period: in BiH from the post-Dayton period untill today, war period excluded)

  2. Policy analysis will focus following:
    A. Functional analysis of the mental health sector and social work/social protection at all levels of government in each country, including legislative framworks and main policy acters involved in service provision and policy making , focusing psychosocial services towards the internally displaced, returnees and refugess.
    B. Overview of psychosocial and mental health related projects involving reference to displaced persons and returnees (formally and informally),
    C. Overview of NGO's service provisions and practices of psychosocial support (incl.parapsychological support).

Desk-based research and dana sources:

  1. Data bases at yoour research centres and partnering research insitutions
  2. Refugee/dispalced/returnees and Health Minsitries' data basis with overview of projects, publications and partnerships with NGOs working with targeted service delivery
  3. Contact with prominent NGOs via key informants-telephone or email exchange etc to collect
  4. UNHCR providing oveview of initiatives, projects and NGO/ government partnerships in the psychosocial service delievry to displaced and returnees

Policy docs